In-Ground ready made pools are suitable to be placed in level to the ground. It can be installed in the Lawn. A pit has to be dug to install the In-Ground pool. We will provide an installation diagram in order to prepare the site.


Above Ground

Above-Ground ready made pool gives one a lot of option to install. These ready made swimming pools can be installed in the Terrace, Balcony, Basement, In-house and On the Lawn.


Semi In Ground

Semi In-ground ready made swimming pools are ideal for installing in the Lawn, Terrace, inside house etc,. It can even be installed with a decking or cladding.



The Binz & Boris readymade swimming pool size is of 20 ft x 9.6 ft x 3.8 ft. It is inbuilt with Jacuzzi & swim-jet. The fibreglass pool is manufactured as a single shell without joints, hence no leakage of water. It has inbuilt steps. Binz & Boris portable pools does not require a separate pump room, electrical room or filter room as all are inbuilt. It is a self standing structure and can be installed as in-ground or an above ground. Binz & Boris fiber pools are designed compactly to save precious water and premium space. With its swim-jet feature one can swim unlimited. It is equipped with advanced safety features. It is available in plain and premium glitter shade.


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