We have 3 types;
ABOVE-GROUND pool. This Pool can be kept above a Flat floor. (Digging pit not required). Can be kept on Terrance, Basement, Inside house.
IN-GROUND pool can be placed in level to the floor.(Need to dig a pit).
SEMI IN-GROUND pool are placed partly in-ground and partly above-ground.
We have 3 Models. (Thames ,Colorado & Custom). (each model has different features. Please feel free to contact us for more info).
Yes. We have option for customers to custom select the pool features. Our model "Colorado" is fully loaded.
It’s a light weight pool. Only 800 Kg. Dry shell weight. With 9000 Lts. Of water it will be 10 Ton. Because of its light weight it can be installed on terraces.
9000 Lts. Of water needed.
Once filled, need not change water for more than 1* year. (if maintained as per instructions).
It has got a dual filtration system, which keeps the water clean.

The Red-Line indicates the minimum level of water to be maintained in pool.
If water is below Red-Line, then need to be topped-up or refilled.

It mainly depends on the location of the pool. Outside or Inside, In-ground or Above-ground.
However as a thumb rule 15 to 30 min will do.
Some of our models come with "Programmed-Cleaning" feature. Once switch on, it will filter and switch off itself.
We also have "Auto-Cleaner" accessory. Which once switched on, cleans the pool by itself. Need to switch off later.

It is easy to maintain the water. Refer our User manual, it is explained in simple steps.

It is portable. Our service personal will carry out this job, when required by the customer.
it’s a single molded piece and has no joints. Hence chances of leakage is avoided.
  • It is light on building structures.
  • it has a smooth finish (No Tiles). Hence no accumulation of algae or dirt and so easy to clean.
  • it’s a self standing structure and hence don’t require additional supports.
  • Its made of a UV retardnant Marine grade composiet material.(Like used in luxury boats).
  • The compact size saves space water maintenance time.
  • In Swim jet, one can swim unlimitedly.
  • Water can be used for more than one year. No need to change water frequently.
  • it does not require separate pump or electrical rooms. All are inbuilt.
  • It will be installed in a days time. So it saves the time of construction monitoring, material controll, followup etc.
Yes. 5 Years warranty for the Fiberglass shell against any cracks and 1 year warranty for all Electrical parts.
  • We will repair the parts. If not possible, then replace it.
  • The warranty period is applicable to replaced parts from the date of purchase of the pool.
After warranty period, Binz&Boris provides AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract). Does periodical service.
  • For In-Ground pool, a pit has to be made at site.
  • For Above-Ground pool, the floor at site has to be level.
  • A instalation sketch will be provided prior preperation of the site.
  • Ensure crane access.
  • It is a child friendly pool. It has two suction skimmers, to avoid accedental suction-lock.
  • The pool is designed with in-built steps for easy access and relaxation.
  • It is fitted with an Emergency "Power" cut-off switch.
  • It is fitted with a Earth-Leak tripper.
  • It is designed with a child friendly, equall level depth. (Not taper depth design)
  • The touch panel is password protected. Hence avoids un-monitored and un-authorsed usage.
  • It is designed for a family.
  • Binz&Boris is designed and manufactured over a period of 3 years research. This size is optimal for a family to use.
  • This compact size saves valuable water and space.
  • Compact size means, less weight. Hence, reduces stress on building's structures.
  • Its Swim-Jet feature ensures unlimited swimming, which avoids the requirement for a bigger pool for a family.
  • The parent company of Binz&Boris is into manufacturing of composite parts for Luxuary bus OEM's for past 33 Years.
  • It has a work force of 150+ employees.
  • It is a very economical pool to opertate. The rates are calculated on basis of Rs.3/- (Rupees Three) per unit.
  • The cost of Filtering per hour will be Rs. 4.41/- (Four rupee and fourty one paisa).
  • The cost of using Bubbler for one hour will be Rs. 4.41/- (Four rupee and fourty one paisa).
  • The cost of using 3hp Swim-Jet for one hour wil be Rs. 6.60/- (Six rupee and Sixty paisa)
  • Swimjet produces current or flowing water against which one can continuiously swim.
  • BinznBoris Readymade Pool is a Swimmng Pool inbuilt with Jacuzzi.
  • Once the site is ready. Our installation will be completed within one day.
  • Hydrojets are fitted on Jacuzzi. One can enjoy the hydro massage in it.

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