Fiberglass Swimming Pool Manufacturers in Bangalore

How are fibreglass products made?

Fiberglass products are made with a combination of mainly 2 raw material, glass fiber and resin. As the name suggests,fibreglass or glassfiber is fibre strands of glass. These are later made into bigger rolls like a mat. Resin can be considered as a liquid form of plastic which looks like castor oil. When additives are mixed in resin it becomes hard and solidifies. As fibreglass mats are like cloths, when laid over a mould it can be pressed with hand to set and takes the moulds shape. Then these mats are brushed and wetted with resin which hardens after a while which is pried out of the mould as product.

Fiberglass Swimming Pool Manufacturers in Bangalore

What is a fiberglass pool?

Fiberglass pools are made with fibreglass material, which is strong, not to be confused as brittle glass. Fibreglass pools are moulded on a mould, and it is released from the mould as a single one-piecestructure.

Some of the advantages of “Binz & Boris” fibreglass pool is that, it is light weight and hence can be installed on roof or it can be installed on buildings which are already built and user wishes to have a pool now (Structural engineers approval required). It is portable and installed usually in a days’ time.

Low maintenance: Because “Binz & Boris” fiberglass pools have a smooth, non-porous surface, they are less prone to algae growth and other maintenance issues. This means you'll spend less time and money on pool maintenance, and more time enjoying your pool.

Many may get worried about the word “Fiberglass”, in relation to smell, dust, irritation and so on. These issues with the fibreglass in only when it is in its raw-material form and not when a product or a component is made out of it. For example, we get worried of fiberglass dust, smell and irritation when we get in contact with fiber glass insulation fibers or when we come in contact with dust while cutting a fiberglass material. Fiberglass pool is a finished product, and it does not have dust, smell or irritation, unless it is cut or drilled. For example, most of out motorcycle helmets are made of fiberglass, and have no issues wearing it. Same way fibreglass pool is a finished product, and it has no smell or irritation associated with it.



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