Readymade Swimming Pools for Pets

Readymade Swimming pools for pets or Canines. Aquatic Massage is powerfully effective in canine rehabilitation, athletic dog conditioning, weight loss programs, and hospice care. Learn to apply a completely different set of Pet Massage skills, concepts, body mechanics, and therapeutic options when you work with dogs in heated pools.

Our Readymade Pools for pets are designed in a way to be installed in confines of your Home, Villas , Apartments and several other places. Contact us today to know more about the Readymade Pets Pools manufctured by us.







Binz & Boris Readymade Pools
11th Main, Virat Nagar,
Begur Road, Bommanahalli,
Bangalore, Karnataka,
India, 560 068
Ph: +91 9900001133, +91 9901001133

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